We make “remote” work

Yonder 2017

October 9th - 11th
The Grande Colonial Hotel
La Jolla, CA

This year’s Yonder Conference will be October 9th through 11th 2017 at the Grande Colonial Hotel in La Jolla, CA (near San Diego).

The Yonder Conference is round table event bringing together leaders of distributed companies to share and learn from one another.

Not a Conventional Conference 

It’s a roundtable discussion for founders, owners, CEOs, and other company leadership. It's a chance for distributed organizations to get on the same page so that we can move industries in the right direction. We'll compare notes and share what we've all learned. We're keeping it small — just 20-30 people — invitation-only. Check out the video of last year’s Yonder, and see what we’re talking about. 


The object of Yonder is to get to know one another, share, and learn. Aside from some brief introductions, all sessions happen with an open discussion format. Bring your questions and ideas, and expect to learn a lot and make new friends. 

We may cover some of the following topics....

  • Timezones & calendar issues
  • Distributed “not-a-fit” examples
  • Scaling distributed teams
  • Management styles
  • Distributed project management
  • Distributed lessons for collocated companies
  • Distributed nomenclature
  • Hiring for distributed teams
  • Communication methods & tech
  • When to meet face-to-face
  • Building legitimacy
  • Building intimacy, culture & loyalty
  • Distributed vs. remote
  • Product vs. service businesses
  • IRS & legal issues

The Yonder Conference is a curated, invitation-only, round-table discussion event for leaders of distributed companies and remote teams. We limit each event to 35 participants and we try to curate a mix of different types of companies and perspectives. If you would like to be considered for an invitation, please fill out the form below and tell us about yourself.

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