Ep 53 - Buffer’s Arielle Tannenbaum

Ep 53 - Buffer’s Arielle Tannenbaum

Jeff Robbins interviews Arielle Tannenbaum, Community Strategist at Buffer. We discuss creating a vibrant company culture, foundational team values, and community building.

Discussion Topics…

  • What skills and work habits do you need when you start working remotely?

  • What Buffer’s company culture is REALLY like

  • How does the onboarding process work at Buffer (i.e. role buddies and culture buddies)?

  • Are distributed companies at an advantage or disadvantage when it comes to building company culture?

  • The importance of foundational team values for distributed companies

  • When should remote companies create their team’s core values?

  • How can distributed teams help remote workers cope with loneliness?

  • How does Buffer encourage relationship building across the company?

  • Which types of communication styles does Buffer use? When to use synchronous or asynchronous channels?

  • Should time zones affect how distributed companies choose where to hire remote employees?

  • “A community is a network of people connected to each other.” - Arielle Tannenbaum

  • What types of get-togethers does Buffer have? What happens at these events?

  • …and more!

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