Ep 54 - Lemonly's John T. Meyer

Ep 54 - Lemonly's John T. Meyer

Jeff Robbins interviews John T. Meyer, CEO at Lemonly. We discuss crafting a company culture, designing an awesome place to work, and how to communicate effectively as a hybrid company.

Discussion Topics…

  • How has the hybrid company model worked for Lemonly?

  • What are the perks to building flexibility into your company’s work culture?

  • What are the differences in communication for hybrid teams versus 100% remote companies?

  • Which elements are most important to Lemonly’s company culture?

  • If you started Lemonly in today’s environment, what would you do differently?

  • How could companies use the radical candor approach to communication, collaboration, and leadership?

  • What are the advantages to having a remote-first or remote-friendly company?

  • The importance of when activities and meetings happen

  • How do designers collaborate and work remotely?

  • How can the “stop, start, continue” framework be used to manage effectively?

  • Why companies should always be run as an experiment

  • …and more!

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