Ep 57 - Zapier's Chris Patrick

Jeff Robbins interviews Chris Patrick, HR and People Ops at Zapier, about remote career development, salaries and compensation, and management tactics.

Discussion Topics…

  • Behind the scenes with Zapier

    • Handling communication when a team is fully distributed around the globe

    • Zapier’s favorite asynchronous communication tools (Slack, Async, Quip)

    • Having 24/7 coverage for customer support because of distribution

    • Grouping teams and managers into similar time zones improves collaboration

    • What actually happens at Zapier’s company and team retreats?

    • Defining the company’s values and how that plays out in your company culture

  • Career Development

    • Figuring out career trajectories in a non-traditional work environment?

    • Building out career tracks for remote workers to grow their own careers

  • Salary & Compensation

    • Handling compensation ethically in a fully distributed team environment

    • Adjusting for different currencies and pay scales using market data

    • Fairly compensating for the talent and skills remote workers have

    • How salary banding can be applied to remote companies

    • Being intelligent about how to reward and incentivize talent

  • Management Strategies

    • Overly communicating to manage effectively

    • Giving and receiving timely feedback

    • Helping remote workers deal with impostor syndrome

    • Focusing on the work itself, not internal politics

    • What it means to formalize the informal

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