Ep 56 - Toggl's Evelin Andrespok

Ep 56 - Toggl's Evelin Andrespok

Jeff Robbins interviews Evelin Andrespok, HR Manager at Toggl, about the ins-and-outs of managing a distributed team across cultures and countries.

Discussion topics…

  • What’s the challenge in going from a co-located company to a distributed company?

  • What is time zone empathy?

  • Video vs audio for company calls

  • Basing asynchronous communication around using Slack

  • How many get-togethers does Toggl have each year?

  • Getting (and staying) connected as a remote workforce

  • Is it possible to avoid the common mistakes remote teams make?

  • Which tools do you use for internal communication?

  • What’s the difference between remote working and remote management?

  • The importance of intentionality in all remote work communication

  • Why management is done better in distributed companies than co-located companies

  • How does culture play into remote work at Toggl?

  • Which values matter most to distributed teams?

  • How do you know if remote workers are actually working?

  • Mastering the art of written communication

  • Crowdsourcing as a way to identify what makes your company unique

  • What’s in store for the future of distributed companies?

  • Time zones, languages, and other assumptions we make around communication

  • What to think about before you post a job description

  • …and more!

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