Ep 43 - Work EvOHlution's Dr. Laura Hambley

Dr. Laura Hambley is the CEO of Work EvOHlution. Work EvOHlution is a company that conducts research, assessment and consulting around remote work. In this episode, Jeff Robbins and Dr. Laura Hambley discuss leadership and team management within a co-located environment. 

We talk about:

  • How did Work EvOHlution start?
  • The distributed work profiler
  • 11 traits of a successful remote worker
  • 12 attributes which leaders of remote teams must possess
  • 6 buildable skills that remote leaders need to learn 
  • Remote management and remote meetings
  • What it means to "be plan-ful" in distributed and hybrid companies
  • Giving remote workers the attention, appreciation, and the space they need to thrive
  • Being a good time zone manager
  • Managing by objectives and goals versus absenteeism
  • What excites co-located managers?

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