Ep 44 - Dribbble's Chloe Oddleifson

In this episode, Jeff Robbins interviews Chloe Oddleifson who is Head of People Operations at Dribbble. We discuss how to establish remote work routines, improving communication at work, and the remote hiring process.

We talk about:

  • How to establish a remote work routine that works for you
  • Why living at home means living at work
  • Working less to improve workplace effectiveness
  • Team communication for distributed teams
  • Importance of one-on-one regular meetings with managers
  • Communication tools to stay in contact with team members
  • Figuring out the right number of meetings for a distributed company
  • Meeting-free Mondays and Fridays 
  • Using videoconferencing for meetings
  • Creating conferences for company retreats (Hang Time)
  • Day to day operations of Dribbble 
  • Dribbble’s hiring process
  • Dribbble's "no jerks allowed" hiring policy
  • Developing a vibrant team culture
  • Creative remote work perks at Dribbble
  • Benefits of a global talent pool for hiring remotely
  • Dealing with growing pains while growing a distributed company
  • Clarifying Dribbble's core values as a foundation for the company culture
  • ...and more!

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