Ep 45 - Time Doctor's Liam Martin

In this episode, Jeff Robbins interviews Liam Martin, the CMO & Co-Founder of Time DoctorStaff.com about solving distributed company problems, developing a thriving company culture, and hiring productive remote employees.

We talk about:

  • Turning failure in academia into running a successful distributed company
  • Helping hybrid and distributed companies trust their remote workers using Time Doctor
  • Empowering remote workers to improve productivity through actionable data
  • Using data to create an ideal workday model for each remote employee role
  • Average on-computer daily work time in North America is just over 3 hours
  • Helping remote workers improve productivity with positive reinforcement and additional support—not by being "big brother"
  • Why blocking websites from the company wifi actually increases workplace distractions
  • Solving the problem of mistrust on a team before implementing remote work agreements
  • How "working whenever you want" enhances productivity for writers and developers
  • Creating flexible schedules around days and times that are better for workers
  • Individual and team cultures with 80+ remote workers in 27 countries
  • Struggling to find and hire the best talent as a fully distributed company
  • Looking for remote workers on the introverted side of the spectrum
  • What to look for (and what not to look for) when hiring salespeople
  • Rewarding salespeople for collaborating, rather than competing, on deals
  • Using the Coworker Coffee app to strike up non-work-related conversations
  • "Culture is something that would appear weird to other people."
  • Picking up non-verbal cues through video calls
  • Experimenting with virtual reality team meetings
  • Previewing the Running Remote Conference 2018 lineup and topics [Use the discount code for 30% off registration: Yonder]

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