Ep 46 - Hiring Remote Workers

(Images from Left to Right) 

Siobhan McKeown, Director of People Operations at Human Made;

Kayla Boyer, Recruitment Lead at Shopify;

Meghan Gezo, HR/People Operations Specialist at Zapier.

Jeff Robbins facilitates a remote work roundtable discussion where we discuss how each company hires their distributed employees, overcoming communication challenges, and creating a productive (and happy) remote work environment.


Topics we discuss...


  • How do you hire remote workers?
  • What qualities do you look for in remote workers?
  • Where should remote workers look for work?
  • How remote workers can get their application to the top
  • Using videos in the remote job application process
  • Building a good job applications pipeline
  • Fielding incoming remote job applications
  • Getting the whole company involved in the hiring process
  • Gamified referral system for recruiting top talent


  • How do you communicate across different time zones?
  • What's the interviewing process like for remote job candidates?
  • Ideas for remote work meetings
  • Using trust batteries to measure trust on a remote team


  • Helping employees who are new to remote work
  • Coaching remote workers about work-life balance when your home is your office
  • Creating a productive work environment and designing your own schedule
  • Challenges of transitioning from a co-located position to working at a hybrid company

Company Culture

  • How do you keep your remote workers connected?
  • How do you make remote work 'work' at your companies?
  • Bringing your whole self to work 
  • Encouraging diversity in the workplace
  • What do companywide retreats look like for distributed companies?
  • Hackathons, remote work sprints, and team productivity
  • Performance reviews and giving feedback at distributed companies
  • Embracing and 'celebrating' failures at work
  • ...and more!

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