Ep 51 - CoworkingC's Nacho Rodríguez

Ep 51 - CoworkingC's Nacho Rodríguez

Jeff Robbins interviews Nacho Rodríguez, CEO at CoworkingC. We discuss coworking spaces, the perks of co-living, and how to stay productive while traveling.

Discussion Topics...

  • Digital nomadism and connecting with other remote workers

  • Crossover between remote work and coworking spaces

  • What exactly is a co-living space?

  • How coworking and co-living spaces integrate with one another

  • Addressing productivity issues while being a digital nomad

  • What takeaways, insights, and connections remote workers make at Nomad City (we'll be there this year!)

  • How to travel to far-flung locations as a remote worker

  • Does location affect remote worker productivity?

  • What's your long-term and short-term vision as a distributed team manager?

  • Challenges of running a hybrid team (i.e. some employees in office, some employees remote)

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