Ep 52 - Axelerant's Ankur Gupta

Ep 52 - Axelerant's Ankur Gupta

Jeff Robbins interviews Ankur Gupta, CEO at Axelerant. We discuss the value of over-communication and transparency to remote teams and how Axelerant uses a life coach for their employees.

Discussion Topics...

  • How do you find people to hire without a central office?

  • How can we encourage more companies to go remote and sustain engagement?”

  • “Remote companies exist with trust as a basis. This trust can only be sustained with high levels of transparency.” - Ankur Gupta

  • What can co-located companies learn from established remote companies about how to go distributed?

  • How do remote team leaders address isolation for distributed employees? (hint: life coaches)

  • Why Axelerant is implementing a playbook to improve team chemistry

  • Empowering remote employees to become more productive at work

  • Experimenting with diversity and changing the dynamics on a distributed team

  • Pros and cons to hiring inexperienced employees at a remote company

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