Ep 58 - Workplaceless’s Tammy Bjelland

Ep 58 - Workplaceless’s Tammy Bjelland

Jeff Robbins interviews Tammy Bjelland about helping remote workers develop core competencies, training remote leaders, and the nuances of creating curricula for remote workers.

Discussion Topics…

  • Creating adaptable curricula for remote workers

  • Teaching new remote workers about how to get started successfully in a distributed environment

  • Why developing skills around autonomy matters to remote workers

  • Challenges distributed teams face in building or repairing trust

  • Dangers of trusting too much when hiring new distributed employees

  • Career development issues workers often encounter at distributed companies

  • Difficulties around hiring entry-level employees to work remotely

  • Communicating enough while working remotely

  • Importance of developing a good structure for onboarding remote employees

  • Learning how to ask for help on distributed teams

Courses Mentioned

  • For Remote Workers: Workplaceless helps remote workers develop core competencies

  • For Remote Leaders: Leadplaceless helps remote leaders gain the skills necessary to lead a remote team

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