Ep 59 - Celerative's Juan Salas

Ep 59 - Celerative's Juan Salas

Jeff Robbins interviews Juan Salas, CEO and Co-founder of Celerative, about building trust and transparency, working with freelancers across time zones, and giving teams tools and feedback to improve productivity.

Discussion Topics…

Working at Celerative

  • Looking at the day-to-day look for a Celerative developer

  • Becoming a Celerative developer

  • Using algorithmic project management

  • Encouraging professional development for freelance software developers

  • Empowering project managers with the tools they need to become more effective

  • Connecting great customers with the right talent to help them accomplish projects

Management & Leadership

  • Minimizing micromanagement by focusing on output

  • Hiring talent based around the world

  • Overcoming challenges when transitioning into a management role

Skills & Communication

  • Keeping strong communication between clients and freelancers

  • Fostering a sense of transparency and honesty while working remotely

  • Coordinating work across times zones using asynchronous and synchronous communication

  • Improving communication techniques in distributed environments

  • Handling relocation and adjusting to differences in work environments

  • Educating remote workers on communication best practices

  • Developing empathy, both with coworkers and customers

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