Ep 61 - Shopify’s John Riordan

Ep 61 - Shopify’s John Riordan

Jeff Robbins interviews John Riordan, Director of Support in Ireland at Shopify , about managing remote customer support teams, transitioning from co-located to distributed models, and helping remote workers and teams be successful.

Discussion Topics…

  • Transforming a 200+ co-located contact center into a smaller, home-based organization for Virgin Atlantic

  • Working with Apple in the early 2000s to set up home-based customer support

  • John’s epiphany, “You could actually trust people without standing over them.”

  • Managing well remotely without micromanaging remote workers

  • Why remote workers on well-designed teams are both effective and trustworthy

  • Learning how to make remote work ‘work’

  • Helping remote workers avoid burnout from working too much

  • Why the future of remote work is going to be a gradual transition for large companies, not an overnight change

  • Why remote workers choose a location they are happy to live in, rather than a location they are happy to work in

  • How having remote workers affects the local economies in rural areas

  • Why startups are adapting to remote work faster than more established companies

  • Understanding that some workers go to work for the social experience, making space for them on hybrid teams

  • Why 15% of co-located employees transitioning to a remote work model is a good success rate

  • How remote workflows differ from co-located workflows and navigating the transition period

  • The key to integrating new-to-remote-work employees on a distributed team

  • The importance of being flexible when it comes to figuring out what the best approach is to connectivity and touch points for remote workers

  • The benefits of a popup office for distributed teams in the same geographical areas

  • What get-togethers are like for Shopify and why they matter

  • Characteristics of successful remote workers

  • …and more!

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