Ep 63 - Frank Cottle

Ep 63 - Frank Cottle

Jeff Robbins interviews Frank Cottle, CEO and Founder of Alliance Virtual Offices, about the history of remote work, where the industry is headed, and virtual reality in the workplace.

Discussion Topics…

  • What was it like to work remotely in the 1960s up till now?

  • The difference between “presence” and “productivity” in the workplace

  • How can remote work and flexibility affect business profitability?

  • Workplaces are “wherever you have an internet connection”

  • Location independence for remote workers and using technology to localize work

  • The future of office-ing and how that could affect commercial real estate

  • Why almost every company needs to think of themselves as a global company

  • How to know when people are working if they work remotely

  • Using data to drive the metrics around employee productivity, helping them to improve and thrive in a distributed team environment

  • What could virtual reality office-ing look like?

  • Increasing trends in open collaboration

  • Not only changing the way people work, but the world they work within

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