Ep 62 - Remo's Ho Yin Cheung

Ep 62 - Remo's Ho Yin Cheung

Jeff Robbins interviews Ho Yin Cheung of Remo about making interactions on distributed teams more human, using various mediums for communication, and leading remotely without micromanaging remote workers.

Discussion Topics…

  • Putting together, growing and managing a fully distributed team around the world - starting with virtual assistants

  • Minimizing the challenges of migrating a company from a co-located model to a fully distributed model

  • When to use asynchronous versus synchronous communication - focusing on highly collaborative environments across time zones

  • Benefits of using Loom during team meetings to improve transparency

  • Encouraging remote employees to find work-life balance

  • How do remote managers check in with remote workers without disrupting the flow of meetings or micromanaging?

  • Remote work enables you to be ultra-transparent, communicate at a high fidelity, and skyrocket productivity

  • Mimicking co-located interactions within a distributed work environment to make interactions feel more human

  • Should we keep work lives and personal lives completely separate on remote teams?

  • Going beyond the interview when hiring distributed team members

  • Determining which medium to use for communication (bonus: which Snapchat filter to use for days you don’t want to put on makeup!)

  • Why culture is even more important in a remote setting

  • Overcoming geographical cultural barriers to encourage transparency in communication

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