Ep 65 - Remote Work Competencies with Roberta Sawatzky

Jeff Robbins interviews Roberta Sawatzky, a consultant, business professor and researcher, about the takeaways from her recent remote work research study in conjunction with her son, Nathan Sawatzky.

Discussion topics…

  • Why are employees feeling unsupported within co-located companies?

  • What kicked off the remote work research project?

  • The process of sitting down and talking to remote workers to conduct the research

  • How remote workers collaborate with others outside their organizations and geographical locations

  • Which competencies set co-located employees apart from remote workers?

  • How do personalities affect where people prefer to work?

  • Overcoming difficulties around communication, connection, and work environment

  • Which competencies matter most for remote workers?

  • Can you develop the skills to become a remote worker, or are they inherent traits?

  • How to better interview remote job applicants for required competencies

  • Why competent remote workers exhibit quiet strength and confidence

  • Using StrengthsFinder when hiring remote workers

  • Feeling under-supported as remote workers and what managers can do about it

  • What type of feedback do remote managers need to give to remote workers?

  • Giving remote workers a purpose, sharing how they are contributing to the overall goals

  • Soft skills that managers need when they have remote employees on their team

  • Building better support systems that can easily accommodate distributed team members

  • Creating an assessment tool to help hiring managers determine if a remote candidate might be a good fit

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