Ep 64 - BELAY’s Shannon Miles

Ep 64 - BELAY’s Shannon Miles

Jeff Robbins interviews Shannon Miles, Co-CEO and Co-Founder of BELAY, about how she and her husband built their company, how their company culture works, and the importance of in-person communication for distributed teams.

Discussion topics…

  • Rethinking commutes in busy cities

  • What is BELAY?

  • Hiring employees in the Atlanta area to incorporate more face time into the company culture

  • What type of “physical space” do you actually need for your company?

  • Embracing a virtual communication style to get work done

  • What do company get-togethers include? What’s the value in getting together for remote workers?

  • Budgeting for company culture, being intentional about connection

  • Determining core values that actually fit your company, where values reflect who we already are as a company - not who we aspire to become

  • Importance of transparency and vulnerability on distributed teams

  • How we encourage virtual employees to “show up” to work

  • Helping new remote workers find their ideal level of productivity (Full Focus Planner)

  • What it’s like to start a new business

  • How we hire new team members at BELAY and which qualities matter most in remote workers

  • Cultural match between company and customers

  • …and more!

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