Ep 67 - Netguru's Wiktor Schmidt

Ep 67 - Netguru's Wiktor Schmidt

Jeff Robbins interviews Wiktor Schmidt, CEO and Co-Founder at Netguru, about the role of company culture, what it means to be remote-first, and how to scale trust in a larger company.

Discussion Topics…

  • What was it like to grow to 600+ employees over 11 years?

  • Having a remote-first mentality around work, even when employees are in the office

  • Accessing a global talent pool as a remote-first company

  • “If you’re not able to trust your team, maybe you should not have hired them in the first place.”

  • Does trust scale to larger distributed teams?

  • Managing the security risks of scaling from a nimble team to a larger company

  • Using the right tools to optimize productivity and enhance communication for remote companies

  • What’s the Culture Book at Netguru?

  • Living by company values in everyday interactions

  • Giving employees trust is not a new phenomenon, but it’s still not a mainstream concept for companies

  • Remote is not the reason for trust, but it’s more the effect

  • Importance of face-to-face communication in regular intervals

  • All-hands meetings, company conferences, and unstructured client meetings

  • What are company conferences with 600+ employees like?

  • Having a remote-first philosophy at the company without being fully distributed

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