Ep 66 - Econocom's Yann Toutant

Ep 66 - Econocom's Yann Toutant

Jeff Robbins interviews Yann Toutant, CEO of Econocom and President of the French Chamber of Commerce, about transitioning a 300-person company to a distributed model and how innovation is enabling remote work.

Discussion topics…

  • Transitioning a co-located 300-person company to a more distributed model

  • Educating the company around the benefits of remote work

  • Working remotely within the office as a starting point for working remotely outside the office

  • Challenges around transitioning managers to working without their own offices

  • How middle management adapts to a results-oriented management style

  • Why the leaders of today are more similar to coaches

  • Going remote to refresh employees’ connection to the organization, not because it’s trendy

  • Creating company workspaces around collaboration

  • Shortening (or avoiding) commuting time to enhance company productivity

  • Why Yann is not a fan of home offices for his employees, rather asking employees to work from customer or supplier offices and in coworking spaces

  • Taking a pragmatic approach to remote work

  • What does it mean to work together in “clusters”?

  • Connecting remote work to a higher purpose

  • Finding your remote ambassadors who are willing to test out your distributed team model

  • Benefits of having remote workers in different time zones

  • Hiring the best remote workers from a global talent pool

  • Offering your remote workers a better quality of life

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