Ep 69 - Cro Metrics' Chris Neumann

Ep 69 - Cro Metrics' Chris Neumann

Jeff Robbins interviews Chris Neumann, Founder and CEO of Cro Metrics, about starting and growing a distributing company, remote management best practices, and hiring top talent for remote companies.

Discussion Topics

  • How does Cro Metrics run as a distributed company?

  • Determining pay scales based on value to the company, not by typical salaries in a geographical area.

  • What are the biggest lessons you’ve learned in the early stages of growing your company?

  • Importance of shared experiences and company retreats for remote teams

  • Communicating and collaborating effectively as remote workers

  • Leading with transparency and trust

  • Setting and achieving OKRs to improve the productivity of distributed teams

  • Advantages of a distributed company vs a co-located company

  • Why remote management is good management

  • Helping remote employees to self-manage, as opposed to micromanagement

  • What is “the client shirt” all about?

  • Fostering a high performance company culture and prioritizing the customer

  • What about hierarchy?

  • How to attract top talent and hire remote workers

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