Ep 68 - Lullabot's Matt Westgate

Ep 68 - Lullabot's Matt Westgate

Jeff Robbins interviews Matt Westgate, Co-Founder and CEO of Lullabot, about overcoming the early and modern challenges of running a distributed company and bringing humanity into the remote workplace.

Discussion Topics…

  • How did Lullabot get started, and why did you decide on the distributed model?

  • Overcoming early challenges of running a remote company

  • Growing into a leadership role from being a developer

  • Assessing productivity levels as a remote company leader

  • The philosophy behind, “It’s not what you can do, but what you can get done”

  • Helping remote workers figure out work-life balance

  • Openness and when to share vulnerability as a leader

  • Autonomy, management, and micromanagement

  • Bringing humanity into the remote workplace

  • Proactively addressing isolation for remote team members

  • Why physical companies are still struggling to hire remote workers

  • Client services and time zone compatibility

  • Cultural differences in distributed companies

  • What’s a PEO (Professional Employment Organization) and how does it work?

  • Importance of collaboration in remote companies

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