Ep. 71 - The Superfan Company's Abby Downing

Ep. 71 - The Superfan Company's Abby Downing

Jeff Robbins interviews Abby Downing of The Superfan Company about the process of “not having a process,” engaging with clients “where they’re at,” and finding your personal cadence for productivity each day.

Discussion Topics…

  • How does location affect getting remote work done at The Superfan Company?

  • Why the company motto is “meet the clients where they’re at”

  • Productivity when working from home vs while traveling or at an office

  • Improving communication skills as a result of working remotely

  • Finding a healthy work-life balance when transitioning to a remote workstyle

  • Choosing the hours that work best for you to “get work done”

  • Efficient ways to communicate internally and externally

  • What does your creative process look like?

  • Business Plan: “Make money. Have fun.”

  • The importance of trusting your team members to get things done without micromanagement

  • Scheduling calls with clients and remote workers

  • How to hire great remote workers and which qualities to look for

  • Working together towards common goals as a remote company

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