Ep. 70 - Shield GEO's Tim Burgess

Jeff Robbins interviews Tim Burgess of Shield GEO about remote work salaries, international employment law, distributed team culture, and how flexibility is the future of work.

Discussion Topics…

  • What is Shield GEO? How do they make international employment simple?

  • Where do Shield GEO’s employees work?

  • How are typical U.S. companies expanding overseas? Which aspects should they consider?

  • Differences between hiring international freelancers versus international employees

  • Employing international employees in the way their country employs people

  • Minimizing risk for employers hiring internationally

  • What are the regulations around taking time off for international employees?

  • How are salaries affected by hiring remote workers globally?

  • Determining competitive salaries based on geography and what’s fair in teaching remote employees

  • What happens to salary when remote employees decide to relocate?

  • How is salary affected by having employees who are digital nomads?

  • Staying compliant with various country regulations

  • How to terminate distributed employees outside the country

  • Why is the future of work “flexibility,” and what does this mean?

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