These 6 Killer Ideas Will Inspire Your Next Virtual Party

By: Laurel Farrer

Want to show support and encourage your team, but feel limited to Slack high-fives? Don’t let distance stop you from celebrating a team member’s birthday, rewarding a sales goal achievement, or welcoming new employees to your distributed team.

Here is some inspiration on how to get the party started.

  1. Host a soiree via video call. Play verbal games, ship each guest a party in a box or a pie in a jar, and have a costume contest.

  2. Watch a movie together with sites like Gaze, Synaptop, or Rabbit. You could even invite family and friends!

  3. Take a creative online class together. (Make sure to send a gift card for supplies.)

  4. Send everyone a gift card to buy a treat or product to unwrap and enjoy together via video call. This could work for anything from donuts to a desk cycle.

  5. Get competitive with some virtual gaming. Try video and VR games, app games, or even board games.

  6. Use Mural as your team's virtual whiteboard to play games like Pictionary, Hangman or Tic Tac Toe.

We would be interested to hear your ideas around throwing virtual parties. What other ideas would you add to our list? Tweet us @yonder_io or leave your comment below.

Laurel Farrer is the COO here at Yonder. She always has a notebook and pen within arm's reach, never sits with both feet on the floor, and drives (safely) without depth perception.