How to Manage Your First Remote Team

Managing your first remote team? It can be overwhelming if you’re new to the remote workforce or happen to have both co-located and remote employees on your team.

Our friends at Steer, a performance and engagement platform for managers, published a practical guide to managing remote teams, which we think is a great starting point for managers at hybrid or distributed companies.

These three takeaways resonated with our team:

Culture is about the work. Your team members should come to work for the work itself, and not just for the water cooler chats or virtual high-fives. Each person on your team should feel their work is rewarding in and of itself.

Energy management trumps time management. Remote workers often have more flexibility and control over their schedules. Managers can help team members discover how to manage their energy—not their time—and plan tasks around their energy levels.

Management is not about managing people. Rather, building a company culture and establishing rituals for your remote teams will empower everyone to stay productive and focused on the tasks that matter most, on an individual and company level.

What’s your number one takeaway from this guide? Let’s discuss remote management tips and tricks on Twitter @yonder_io and @new_steer!