Which Remote Career Is Right for You?

Which Remote Career Is Right for You?

By: Laurel Farrer

As you transition into the world of remote work, it can be overwhelming to find any virtual job, let alone the right virtual job. Then, if and when you finally land the right job, how do you transition it into a long-term and fulfilling career?

As cliche as it may sound, we encourage you to “do what you love and love what you do.” Remember that remote work is still work. The same professional advice of basing your career on your unique talents and abilities still applies. Don’t choose a job solely based on its location (or lack thereof); choose it because you know that you and the company will thrive with you in that role.


So, what are your options? Which remote jobs are out there, and how can you match up your skills and experience with one of them?


Love people? Many extroverts get turned off by the thought of remote work because of the isolation they assume will happen. But it’s important to remember that even though you might be working alone, there are still lots of opportunities for social interaction virtually. Look for remote roles that are based on relationships, such as a Business Development Director, Online Educator, Customer Service Representative, or Account Manager. (Also, don’t forget about the value of a coworking office or social hobby to help prevent isolation!)


Love logistics? If you were born for organization, and live for to-do lists, you belong in the world of Operations. Kick off your career as a virtual assistant in any industry of your choice, then climb the ladder to become an Operations Manager, Scrum Master, Event Producer, Travel Counselor, or Project Manager.


Love strategy? You were the kid that wanted to play Risk instead of kickball, and felt giddy over starting a 5,000 piece puzzle. Now, as an adult, businesses of all shapes and sizes need problem solvers just like you to join their ranks as a Marketing Manager, UX/UI Designer, or Crowdsourcing Director.


Love words? Writers rejoice! With inbound marketing trending in the business world, there are tons, and tons, and TONS of writing contracts available online. From copywriting to ghostwriting to content marketing, freelancing opportunities abound for any literary aficionado. If gigs aren’t your thing, and you’re looking for part- or full-time employment, become the person whom the writers report to, like a Content Manager, Publishing Agent, or Language Translator. More of a reader than a writer? Becoming a Copy Editor, Research Associate, or Language Interpreter may be more appealing to you.


Love mechanics? It may seem like most tactile jobs can’t be done online. For the most part, you’re right. But we’re working hard to change that. In the meantime, consider Mechanical Engineering, teaching manual skills via video, or venturing into Architecture or Drafting.


Love design? As technology develops, so do opportunities for creative types to produce their art forms in virtual ways. If this speaks to your soul, you could look into becoming a Creative Consultant (for companies like Stitch Fix or Havenly), a Web / Graphic / Event Designer, or (again) try out Architecture or Drafting.


Love technology? Virtual careers caught fire in the dot com era of web development and fueled the growth of remote work throughout all other industries. The tech industry is full of remote jobs ranging from coding to software engineering.


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