Introducing the Yonder Bookshelf!

Introducing the Yonder Bookshelf!

Get ready to channel your inner bookworm, because we’re starting a reading club! (Friendship bracelets and treehouse not included.)

Every week, the Yonder team has an all-hands content conference call in which we casually gather to discuss news and topics about remote work. Recently, we noticed that book references and recommendations have started to pop up more and more during that call. Suddenly, our “to read” list was looking quite daunting, so it was obvious that we needed an action plan to start crossing things off. Thus, the Yonder Bookshelf was born!

We’re starting off with one of our favorites: Drive by Daniel Pink. (You may have heard Jeff Robbins reference it in his PIAF presentation.) It’s a fascinating nonfiction about the power of intrinsic motivation. Most of us know about this, but why haven’t we adopted it in the business world, yet? Mr. Pink explores how carrot-and-stick salaries and bonuses are hurting our companies and what we can do instead. Stay tuned for the full review next week. 

We invite you to join us in becoming more educated and intentional leaders. At the beginning of each month, one of our team members will write up some important notes and takeaways to share.

We would love to hear your thoughts too! If you have any insights to share on the book of the month, email them to with "Bookshelf" in the subject line, and we’ll include your notes in the synopsis post.