We make “remote” work


We know remote work! And we're happy to share our expertise. Whether you're an existing company interested in transitioning to a distributed work environment, or an existing distributed company looking to increase productivity, efficiency, and morale, we can help.

Retreat Planning

We found that company get-togethers are an integral part of running geo-separated teams. These events build connectedness, culture, and energy in a way that brick-and-mortar companies rarely experience. Most company leaders talk about the post-retreat "afterglow" and increased productivity, morale, and excitement about the company.

But it can be a huge challenge to find retreat locations with the right balance of convenience, celebration, practicality, and value. And let's not forget all of the challenges around scheduling, travel planning, day-trips, evening events and entertainment, meal coordination, room planning, etc.

This is why we started GetTogethers.Co. You probably didn't start your company to run retreats, on-sites, and in-person onboarding. But we know that they are core to the culture and connectedness of your team. You can focus on your business. We'll make sure your events go smoothly and feel great.


Managing a distributed staff is much more complicated than just sending employees home. It requires new supervision strategies and intentional interactions with your team, which is sure to spark a lot of questions. We have over a decade of experience as remote executives and are committed to helping you strengthen the culture, communication, and connectedness of your geographically dispersed workers.

We provide a variety of resources for remote executives to help strengthen your distributed or hybrid team, including: team therapy to enhance group dynamics and workflows, guidance through the process of making the transition from brick-and-mortar to distributed, and even weekly one-on-one mentoring to troubleshoot your unique leadership concerns. No matter what you're worrying about, we can help you find a solution.  


We like remote work, we like talking, and we love talking about remote work! Whether you're hosting a conference, a podcast, or a just a team development meeting, we are always happy to join your group to discuss what makes remote work, well, work, including: 

- What is distributed company and how does it differ from a traditional business model?  

- How do management strategies need to be updated for distributed teams?

- What can remote and hybrid teams do to strengthen unity, culture, and communication? 

- Why do companies recall their work from home policies and how can we prevent it? 

- How can our company build better relationships with our clients using only virtual tools?